Many of us live with a little empty nest inside ourselves. This can have an unseen impact in our day-to-day lives.

It’s a place where we hold our grief for the babies who are not physically with us due to miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, adoption, life circumstances or choice. It is often accompanied by shame, guilt, anger, regret, confusion and deep sadness.

Our current ‘Western’ society is unfortunately lacking in ways to honour and grieve our losses, causing us further pain and disconnection from the world and our loved ones.

Now is the time for this paradigm to shift. Our 'Spirit Babies - Healing Womb Grief' workshops, and retreats create a pathway of conscious engagement with all aspects of the healing journey by blending modern psychology and ancient shamanic practices..


These 4 days were the most I have ever felt nurtured and cared for, the process and planning of the days were so beautifully facilitated and the healing started from that first evening. Meditation, sharing circles, ceremony, teachings from Kate and Sharon as to how to better manage trauma and grief, reminders of our survival tools to “de-busying” our lives, delicious nurturing meals, rest, and technology free days…and drumming…oh the drumming was incredible...all set the scene for an incredibly life transforming experience. Grescha Brewer [more]

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