About Spirit Babies - Healing Womb Grief

Many of us live with a little empty nest inside ourselves. This can have an unseen impact in our day-to-day lives.

It’s a place where we hold our grief for the babies we lost or gave up along the way through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or adoption. It is a place for the babies we didn’t have due to circumstance or choice. It’s a place we tuck right to the back recesses of our womb and is often accompanied by shame, guilt, anger, regret, confusion and deep sadness. 

Sometimes we forget it is there until we are triggered unexpectedly and we spiral into a pattern of processing and re-processing these complex emotions with no place to explore and ground them. This can go on for years, even lifetimes if we don’t allow ourselves the time and space to heal on the deepest levels in a safe and supportive environment.

Our current ‘Western’ society is unfortunately lacking in ways to honour and grieve our losses, causing emotions to become entrapped in our physical and energetic bodies. This unexpressed grief and guilt can lead to depression and various other health issues, causing us further pain and disconnection from the world and our loved ones.  Often other symptoms such as depression, lack of motivation, feeling stuck or addictions are a result of this grief but the connection has not been made by the conscious mind.

Spirit Babies creates residential retreats and workshops that fully support you to explore and express the full range of emotions you may still be carrying, without judgment or expectation of how you ‘should’ be feeling. They is an opportunity to bring awareness and healing to the furthest reaches of yourself that have been wounded by your loss. 

You will be gently guided through specifically designed processes and rituals focused on releasing, healing and integration at your own pace.

We will be working on all levels, to dissolve trapped trauma and allow conscious engagement with all aspects of your healing journey. You will be given the tools to continue this process after the retreat so that this healing continues in your life.

This work is for any woman who has experienced any of the following situations at any point in their life (there is no time limit on grief):

The loss of a baby during pregnancy / Miscarriage

The loss of a baby during birth or as an infant

Termination/s of their pregnancy

Unable to fall pregnant (health, unexplained)

Has not had a baby due to life circumstances

Who has adopted their child out to other parents

Has chosen to not have a child in this lifetime

Participants can expect to feel a greater sense of peace and a deeper understanding of their situation or experience and how it is shaping their lives from a physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

This is a deeply personal and experiential retreat and numbers are limited to ensure the utmost care and attention.

You will be fully supported by Kate Reed and Sharon Bolt, both highly experienced and compassionate facilitators who are deeply committed to women’s work and have both walked this healing journey themselves.


These 4 days were the most I have ever felt nurtured and cared for, the process and planning of the days were so beautifully facilitated and the healing started from that first evening. Meditation, sharing circles, ceremony, teachings from Kate and Sharon as to how to better manage trauma and grief, reminders of our survival tools to “de-busying” our lives, delicious nurturing meals, rest, and technology free days…and drumming…oh the drumming was incredible...all set the scene for an incredibly life transforming experience. Grescha Brewer [more]

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