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‘My motivation for co-creating Spirit Baby – Healing Womb Grief was born from my own personal journey through years of infertility and miscarriages. It was a painful, confusing, shameful and life-altering time in my life and years later I still grieve the loss of the babies I never had.

I found it difficult at the time to find a place to talk openly about what was happening. Words seemed inadequate to express what I was feeling. I now understand that this is a very common feeling, but at the time, it kept me isolated and shut down and ultimately slowed down my healing process.

As a facilitator of women’s circles for over 18 years, I understand the powerful healing and transformation that comes when we share our truth and are received with unconditional love. I also now understand how inextricably linked our physical and emotional bodies are and that healing needs to happen on all levels.

My wish is for every woman to have a safe space to reflect, integrate and heal their personal stories – whatever they are. It is an honour for us to hold this space for you.’

More about Kate:

Kate Reed is an experienced counsellor and facilitator with a Masters degree in Applied Psychology (Counselling) as well as certification in Somatic Psychotherapy, Health Coaching and Leadership. She has been facilitating Sister Circles and Ceremonies for over 18 years alongside her professional career as a counsellor, youth worker, life coach and teacher.

Kate is passionate about supporting women to find more peace in their hearts and more happiness in their lives. By helping women to identify and heal core wounds, Kate assists women to step into the fullness of their unique and beautiful selves and open up to limitless possibilities in this life.

Kate currently holds Sister Circles, Ceremonies and Workshops around Australia, is the author of a step-by-step guide to holding Sacred Sister Circles, and also trains and mentors women around the world on how to facilitate their own unique and powerful Circles.


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